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An inch is as good as a mile


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or '1mm is as good as a metre'.  

The only way I've been able to get the binoviewer to focus with a solar wedge is by using a  1.7 gpc and a 2x tele-extender.


This is quite a lump and with 36mm eps makes balancing interesting, not to mention making the eps equivalent to ~10mm.

Something I should have realised before was that the knurled ring on the eyepiece could be removed.




Therefore allowing the binoviewer to sit further into the wedge.

From this



To this



Giving me just 3mm of back focus to play with when using a 2.6 gpc. That's enough to be crisply focused and so observing far more enjoyable.  Just wish I'd realised before.

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Pleased to hear you've overcome the challenge of reaching focus with these things 👍🏼

A few millimetres can sometimes make the difference between reaching focus or not.

There may even be an option where you can remove the wedge's eyepiece holder all-together and fit the binoviewer's T2 adapter directly to the wedge

although this depends on how the blocking filters are mounted inside.


You can do it with the Baader wedge, and Baader, being Baader supply a fitting to do exactly this,  saving probably an inch or more of backfocus.

The all important ND3.0 filter (+ one other if needed) is mounted on its internal threads.

When i used to use it with my TEC i could binoview with just a 1.25x gpc in place. No Barlows / Powermates needed.


Herschel wedge bino viewer conversion



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Unfortunately I don't think that's possible with my wedge. That's one reason why Baader are more expensive I guess, they are more adaptable.

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