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I'm writing a book!


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Nice one. I think it might be fun for more experienced astronomers too. You know ‘oh yea I remember doing that’ sort of thing. As for publishing you might want to try Springer. 

I’ve never published anything but have bought a number of books from them.

Hope it all goes smoothly.

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I wish I'd have known how addictive buying eyepieces was!




I bought this from TS Optics seven years ago for help with dew control. I only used it once and the nozzle fell off. 




Over the years I've tried various approaches.




I tend to just go for the long tube extensions now.




I've even experimented with finder heaters.




My favourite book on telescopes. Good luck with the publishing. I'll look forward to the Kindle version of 'The Astronomer's  Hairdryer'.

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Don’t forget to start the book with the phrase ,In a Galaxy far far away 🤣🤣🤣 , nice one good luck dean 

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Hi Dean. I wish you luck with this. One thing Springer don't do, or at least didn't, is beginner books. They prefer intermediate and expert books. Also, they will change what you write a lot (and ask you to rewrite sections) and you might feel it is hardly "your" book when it comes out in print. All publishers do that. One advantage with traditional publishing is it is far more lucrative than Kindle. With Kindle, you have complete control over content and timescale but you won't make as much money. Also (dare I admit it!) that publishing astronomy books is no short cut to riches. My relatively poor collection of equipment and that I'm still working at 68 is proof of that. Still, it is always a great sense of achievement to see your book published.


I'm writing a book now, probably destined for Kindle but have set no timeframe. Progress is slow because I'm not getting the weather to observe and photograph much. 

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