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180+ year old moon


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Pretty good for an 1840's era scope Phil. I had a bit of a butcher's at the FQ Moon with my 90mm Mak (62.5x & 89x). Neptune's close by. 

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More than decent though Phil for a single sub.


Theres nothing in the way of colour fringing is there ? At least to my eyes.

Remarkable quality really for the 1840s

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It's always a gamble with antique optics not just because they are hand made but because they've often had 100 plus years of neglect and/or mistreatment.

Star tests reveal accuracy in figuring etc but you can't beat sticking a camera on the end and pointing it at the moon, it may not be as scientifically based but its very satisfying to see a sharp image plus its something tangible one can show others that the objective is a good un



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That looks really good Phil, especially considering the age of the optics + the age of my old eyes = nearly 250 years!!!

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