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Can someone explain the whole camera setup


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Ok , so i have a fuji x-t2 and ive ordered a Kood T2-FX Adapter for T2/T Mount, so i will also need a T ring to fit onto that which will let me slot it into the focusser?


This is the part i dont really understand.   Just putting the camera into the focusser wont give me any zoom at all, it will just see what the scope is seeing.  So then i need something to let me hook it up to the eyepeices / barlow in order to get the zoom?  If i want to try and shoot the Orion nebula for instance, i need my 2x barlow and 26mm eyepeice to see the image i want to photograph.  So what do i need to hook the camera up to the eyepeices?


Cheers in advance!


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I'm not sure why you would want to use a barlow + eyepiece projection on M42 unless you want to zoom in to a specific small area of it.  If I understand correctly you are using a 200mm F5 scope so a focal length of 1000mm. Your Fuji X T2 has a 6000 X 4000  pixel APS-C sensor so with that combination M42 will fill the whole image with just focal plane imaging.

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You will not need anything.

Putting it very basically

The camera is roughly the same as using a 10mm eyepiece 

Once you have your image you can crop it to the scale / size you want the final image to be in an image processing software.

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ah awesone, ta.  I just assumed that the telescope on its own does no zooming, its just a light bucket.  hence the need for the eyepeices and barlows for your eyeball to see anything.  Cheers.

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If you want to call and see my set up just let me know. I am in Newark as well!



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