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PAS 2024


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The Practical Astronomy Show is next Saturday.  Anyone planning on going?  It is now at Stoneleigh Park. It’s still free to get in but no speakers this year unfortunately.  Thought I might pay a quick visit.

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I'm working Doug unfortunately so won't be able to make it.


I had seen that they were no speakers this year, which is a pity, but they have their reasons, and Ii assume its just for this year only.


I think the IAS show will be along at the same venue later in the year (WITH speakers) so hopefully, I'll be able to go to that one instead


Have a good time if you're going & don't spend too much........😀

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55 minutes ago, Bino-viewer said:

& don't spend too much..

I will try.🫣

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@Streetbob So how was the show Doug....?


Do you have a few astro goodies to show us......?? 😃

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Show was great, though I did miss the talks.  There was a good atmosphere even thought the hall was not completed full. Had a good chat with Rowan astro about my dsc motor problem, which still isn't sorted, and are happy for me to keep badgering them.


There two beauties are the goodies. 


IMG_0723 IMG_0724


Had a brief look at the moon with them last night and they are very impressive.

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