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Not falling victim to "Pier" pressure.


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With EMS1 around the corner as well as the soggy ground season, I decided I needed to make some feet to stop the tripod sinking into the ground. At home I have 3 block pavers set into the ground, Stephen suggested concrete blocks would do the job, but I have a sneaky suspicion that the Belper CC might get a bit irritated at finding I had dug three holes in the crease to pour concrete, likewise I doubt the Camp Site would be too impressed either.

Obvious solution is three pieces of wood, one under each foot to spread the load. This does create tho opportunity for the tripod to slip about though, and it is easy to knock the mount, so I decided to try the idea out. I managed to convince Sheila to have a go at it first, and since nothing caught fire, and nothing relating directly with the idea caused her to shout "Bottom" I decided it was safe to proceed.

The idea is simple enough, a pad of wood with a hole approx half way through in the centre, this then acts as a dimple for the tripod leg with pointy end to drop snugly into it. This prevents the tripod from slipping off the pads. Next smaller holes to allow tent pegs to be pushed through to stop the pads slipping on wet grass etc.

I've used 16mm Ply wood that was left over from making a bed for my van. The centre dimple is 13mm dia and fits like a glove on a chickens lip (perfect in other words) and the smaller holes are 7mm dia. The pads are 9inches long on each side and then corners taken off at a radius of 2p. Much to the amusement of Sheila I have sanded them down and will be varnishing them to prevent the damp from ruining the Ply, I hope they will last a while. The other advantage to having the tent pegs in to hold them secure is that should you wish to remove the tripod, you can do so, the dimples are a good enough fit that you can just drop the tripod back into them next time and it will be in the exact same location and should be very close to being aligned as you had it previously. (That of course relies on nobody moving them about whilst you're not looking)

I'm not sure there is much else to write about them really. If you plan on making some yourself, I would say Ply around 16mm is ideal. Graham said that Aluminium ones would look very nice, he is right, they would, but they wouldn't be within the realm of many DIYers and I didn't have any lying about. None the less, he is right, they would look smart. I would avoid using cardboard or paper though ;)

Anyway here is a picture. 1 sub of unknown length, no darks, no flats, not stacked but has been enhanced in PS5. Sorry, this is the wrong type of thread..... I get carried away, my appologies. (Can't you tell I'm bored?!)

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Hell Mike they look like they could have been made for the job. :P

I think you may have found your true vocation in life there, chuck in the motor sport and become a chippy Mike.

Like to see it when its all varnished up and gleaming.

Likewise I cannot wait to read Sheila's reply to this thread. :o

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by the way i finished mine first!!!! dont look as good as his though :lol:

Ahem, who finished yours first? ;) I seem to recall I came up with the design and you subcontracted it out to one of your lackies :lol:

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The pic's not loaded yet on my phone, so i'm working from the description only.

An idea that entered my head when I read "to stop the tripod" sinking is, the large suckers you can get to help hold and awning to a caravan. I wonder if the tripod feet would fit into these? - whilst off the caravan of course lol. And they would hold and spread the weight on soft ground, and clean up ok.

I would put a link on, if I had a computer to borrow at the mo. :-/

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@mike, yes but under [atent rules, mine came first :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: dont divulge good ideas to soon mike


patent that was

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