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3rd Oct 2012


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This is a special day for me.

40 years ago I got my 1st real telescope , it was a Charles Frank saturn 4" reflector complete with a x31 eyepiece of rather poor quality.

This wonderful instrument that started me in this adventure still survives, in part anyway as I still have the mirror.I did plan to retube this small piece of glass to use on its Ruby Anniversery.

First light through my passport to the heavens was the following day

wact this space will I manages to get the 4" up and running for tommorrow

and the 1st object was Jupiter according to my little notebook conditions were not ideal

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Charles Frank scopes were big in those days - I'll be very interested to see that if you get it running Steve - just to compare the optics with todays crop of commercially available scopes. Would be good to see how folks viewed the night sky back then.

A nostalgic occassion indeed :)

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Nostalgia ain't what it used to be ;) congratulation in sticking with it. I've still got the little book that started me off although oddly it was a microscope book but it got me imagining about how the universe was constructed

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