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Position of a Telrad.

Daz Type-R

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Ok, I have had my Telrad for a few weeks now (not that I have had much chance to use it) and I`m at a bit of a loss as to where to stick it. (Don't say on the OTA before any one starts....LOL :D )

I have my focuser, then next to that is the finder scope and bracket (no room between these) unless I stick the Telrad further down the scope towards the middle of the OTA. The only other place is near the top next to the finder scope and bracket, but one thing I have noticed, is that when I look at the Telrad's glass screen, the further away I stand the bigger the rings appear (up to the point where the outer ring has vanished).

What I am trying to get at is, where do you stick yours and if it is near the top furthest away from your focuser, do you have to run around the other side of the scope to see through the glass, or do you reach right over the scope to see through?

I know most people will proberbly say it is down to personal preference but I am just trying to see if there is anything else that I am yet to think of as the where it may go.

Also, I like using the finder scope so don't really wnat to remove it to place the Telrad there.

Thanks in advance.


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Guest Mark Payton

I am wondering the same for my Quikfinder, I opted for it to be on the right of my finderscope (facing skywards). I have used the sticky pads to fix it so I know if I want to change it I can.

What I will say is that the pads make the Quikfinder a little spongy, I suspect yours will be the same, when I am happy of the position I think I may resort to screwing it into the OTA.


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mine is to the right of the finder bracket. I found the standard telrad mount to be too low so I made a cunning 3"riser so I don't get a cold right cheek when viewing through it

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Mines also to the right of the finder, it's really the only place left.

I stuck it down, but I have been considering a riser so it makes bending over to see through it less difficult.

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