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M1 in Ha/OIII 1/5/12


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It was close because of the clouds but last night I finally managed to get some imaging in after nearly 6 weeks off.

Bagged 1 hour of Ha in 10min subs and 2 hours of OIII in 10min subs.

Atik 16ic mono/Astronomic filters/ED80 on HEQ5 Synscan Pro. Guided with PHD, QHY5 on Brightstar OAG.

Stacked in DSS. Processed in CS3, maybe a little too much.

Aiming for a couple more hours if the skies ever clear again.

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Guest Mark Payton

I tried looking for M1 last night and couldn't find it, but the moon was really bright.

Nice picture by the way.


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Great image Noel.

Just how do you get the clear skies to do 3 hours worth? I've been bosting to get some O111 data to add to my last years Ha and cant get 5 minutes of clear sky.


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Good capture in tricky conditions and fine colour.

You've used a filter on it though (noel's actions?) which has caused artifacts.....what did the processing involve?

I reckon there's a fair bit more to be had out of what looks like good data :)


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Yes, it was XiMagic's XiDenoiser plugged into CS3.

I added another 2 hours of Ha last night and have included it here.

False colour is a la Cannista Bicolour method.


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