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Bird watching at Attenborough NR 14.11.2012


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I managed a few hours down Attenborough Nature Reserve. I was surprised by the amount of Redwings about, especially on Wheatear Field, at one stage from the Tower Hide I counted 20 of them, amoungst them I'm sure I spotted a few Linnets.

On the ponds were Red Crested Pochards, Wigeons, Shelducks, and even some Goldeneye's, but the high light was a Garganey that actually came pretty close.

Lot's of gulls including Common and Herring, and a Great Black Back Gull on the roost, amoung the rocks on Snipe island was at least 4 Common Snipes.

In the trees were Robins, all the Finches, at least one Redpoll and a Siskin.

While in the Tower Hide a Kingfisher landed on the one of the posts, watched it for a good two minutes, sheer bliss.

Walking around Erewash Fileds, I spotted 3 Kestrals and maybe a Merlin, but not dead sure about that one.

All in all a really nice time, and best of all the dog came back knackered, and dirty so needed a wash.

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Yes Ron it had the white/Yellow stripe above it's eye. I looked on the Attenborough site and one was spotted on Sunday as well.

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Good tick then Mick, might be climate change is changing their routine? I got a Rock Pipit and Ruff while in Northumberland last week and a raft of Cubby ducks (Eider's) in excess of 100 + just of the beach!! The wind was a bit nippy though!! :)

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Never seen a Rock Pipit Ron, have you seen those King Eider's Ron.

I was looking at the Gibralter Point web site and a Garganay was seen there a few days ago as well, I think the winters are much milder so they linger here more.

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King Eider's I got many moons ago at Islay West of Scotland, cracking bird!! They do get them as far South as Flamborough Head some years!

Worth keeping an eye out for Water Pipits this time of year, especially around large lakes etc. nice little bird!



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