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Sky and telescopes pocket star atlas

Guest chrishewett

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Guest chrishewett

Just looking to buy the pocket star atlas.

Can someone tell me what the date of the latest edition is and is it necessary to buy the latest?

These are available on ebay for £10.72 delivered, 2006 edition.



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Yeah I believe that is the latest copy. I dont think you need a revised version (if there was one) as not that much changes up there (Messier wise) so the atlas will stay current for many a year, besides, I bet any new stuff ESA/NASA find will proberbly be too distant for us to see any way (I may be wrong on that). It`s a a cracking atlas, I would be lost without mine!!

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The Book Depository has an offer on at the moment, might be worth a look.


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Guest Tweedledum

Originally 6 quid from an amazon store last year..

That would be an extra penny in the apo fund Martyn :lol: .


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