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wired xbox 360 controller with eqmod

Guest paul j

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Morning all on this cold frosty morning.

As some of u have said u use an xbox controller to help slew your scope.my question is is it possible to use a wired one? Because when I plug mine in my pc recognizes it I've downloaded the drivers for it but eqmod don't seem to pick it up.I didn't really want go wireless route again Like my old ps2 controller.any ideas I will go wireless if I have too the xbox must be better than that pile of ps2 controller. I've gave up with that for good to tempermental.I would need buy a pc wireless receiver for xbox though.but id really prefer wired.

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yep, go to the microsoft website for drivers, but make sure you get the right one, the wired one comes up first and i had to search around for the wireless one,

i use windows xp and i had to do something in the device manager to get it to work, can`t remember 100% what it was now, but i`m sure a google search or the eqmod website can help.

if i can do it anyone can, me and computers don`t get on

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