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Bino's.... what to look for when buying?


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Need some hints and tips. I have a pair of 30-40 yr old boots own brand binos of the 10x50 variety, whilst pretty good I expect optics have come on a fair way since fred flintstone fashioned these. Also they are rather heavy and not very comfortable to use having hard eye cups.

I'm flying off stateside tomorrow (Monday) and am planning on purchasing a pair whilst over there. Reasons two fold, I wanted to take mine with me, but they are heavy, and I would be very upset if they got damaged or lost as they were my Grandfathers, so in some ways ireplacable. So what I need to know is...

Are there any brands that I should look out for, or any to avoid.

What should I look for when testing them out.

How do I check for colimation etc in the store.

Budget I guess is upto $100 or so, which is approx £60-70. I realise I won't get anything really great, but I do expect I'll get more for my money over there than we get over here.

Over to you..... the clock is ticking :lol:

Edit to add: I want to stay around the 10x50 sort of range, not too keen on going bigger although if I see any 15x70 Celestrons at the right price.....

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I have a pair of 20 x 80 celestrons they need to be used with a tripod as there is no way you can hold them still enough, if I'm honest I wish I had gone for the 15 x 70s as I found them a better all rounder,

Oh and have a good trip ;)

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These have got to be worth a punt at this price. A post put up by Craig.


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I've found the Celestron 15x70's on Amazon US for..... $49.95! I think if I can find some I'll opt for those, if I can't find anything as good a deal as them I will get our friend over there to order them off Amazon whilst we are there, I doubt I would manage to et them delivered from Amazon to the hotel.

I'll have a shufty at the link thanks :)

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