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Leica Trinovids 8x42.

Guest ollypenrice

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Guest ollypenrice

I spotted an 11 year old pair for sale at half the (slightly alarming) new price at Clifton Cameras. They were described over the phone as very good for their age.

When they arrived I had a look and instantly thought, 'Very good? You can say that again. They've never been used!!' If they've ever been out of their box, then it couldn't have been for more than ten minutes, the strap had never been fitted (still in its sealed plastic bag) and the labels were still on the ocular cap and the leather case. In effect they were brand new. All documents and packaging were original and perfect though they had belonged to someone.

These are crazily expensive binoculars but I've now enjoyed a good few evenings with guests and everyone absolutely loves them. The positives;

Very easy on the eyes with just the right eye relief, tolerant focus, good ergonomics and a perfectly crisp circular field stop. You can observe for ages without strain, physical or mental.

Stars are the tiniest I've ever seen in bins, Jupiter gives a clean round disc and the contrast is simply phenomenal. This means that faint details like M31's dust lanes really pop. The Rosette is clearly visible though very faint. M42 shows that lovely angel fish shape just as in the pictures. Star colour is rich. Sharp? Yikes yes!

The 8x magnification means a very steady view. I'm no longer so hot at holding 10x still enough to gain from the extra magnification and see more in 8x now.

For the wildlife or scanning the distant Alps as the snow builds on the crests, or whatever else that's around, the colour view is exquisite, perfectly balanced.

I must say that once the imaging rigs are running and everyone's happy I lie down with these, look up and take a relaxed cruise around the sky. What could be nicer?


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They are awesome bins Olly, you are indeed a lucky man.

It is amazing what a little pair of bins will show under dark skies, I had cracking views of M81 and M82 with my 10x43 Hawke's, yours will be fantastic.

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I keep looking in charity shops to see if there,s a pair of Leica,s for a fiver on the shelf.

Not found any yet. Will keep looking though.

Looks like you,ve got a set for life there Olly

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