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ED80 purchase list

Guest Eddy

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focus mask as well

dew bands and controllers

battery to run it off in field


T adaptors if you have not got them

CLS filter or equiv

you may want to think about motor focus as well

upgrade to good focuser later

if I think of any more I'll let you know

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Guest Kheldar

Steves list plus CNC tube rings + Losmandy dovetail

Also you can get the mask for use with the reducer on, eBay / morris_engraving (starsharp) : He does a version for use at f7.5 and a version for use at f6.2 (or whatever it is with the reducer on.)

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At this rate I may aswell buy Stephens :lol:

I have most stuff listed besides rings, clip filter n dovetail.

Can someone explain why I must get the filter straight away, ive been fine so far?

Im guessing the losmandy is a sturdier dovetail?

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