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Hello from Sarf Norfolk

Guest Cjg

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Morning, emigrated to Wymondham from the Isle of Dogs 7 years ago. Love the darker skies. Am a member of the Norwich Astronomical Society based at Seething. Found this site via Twitter - who ever is tweeting for East Lincs Astro is doing a great job in promoting you!

Have family in Lincs, so not too far from some of you and will hopefully get to meet you.

Likewise, if ever you are in Norfolk and would like to visit, let me know and will keep an eye out.

Clear skies,

Chris Grrenfield

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Hi Chris and welcome to EMS!

If it's ELAC you spotted us through that would be our Cosmic Dave. :)

I've exchanged a few messages with whoever does the tweeting for your Society, they post some very interesting things.

Hope you enjoy the forum! :)

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Hi Chris, a warm welcome to EMS.

There will be a good contingent from EMS going to Kelling next Autumn, we are all in the blue field. So if you are in the area, pop in and join us. We also have our own star party, organised by Cosmic Dave at Anderby creek near Skeggy, again if you are available you would be made very welcome.

Meanwhile enjoy the forum. :)

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Errmmm... some of us are always in the Red field lol :)

That's because you are a "proper astronomer" Kim!!!! :)

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Thanks, have yet to get to Kelling (am a grumpy git without a nice warm bed to crash into) - but will make the effort to visit both Red & Blue fields next time. Have relatives in Lincs, so may yet get to the East Lincs astro meets in the spring too.

Likewise, as a member of the Norwich Astro Society (I volunteer at events & run the twitter feed), if ever you are in Norfolk on a Friday and want to visit us at Seething, do let me know, would be great to say "hi".



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I'm a newbie and joined after seeing the tweet. Unfortunately, I'm geographically a long way away and often even further, as I travel abroad a lot on business. I sometimes get some interesting snaps but I can't afford the excess baggage to get all of my kit on a 'plane.

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Some of us try to get to Salibury Star Party in Sixpenny Handley Phill if you're ever at that event :)

I'll see if I can make it. These events have an uncanny knack of happening when I'm teaching abroad.

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