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Alan Chapman Lecture 5/1/2013

Guest 127SLT

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Hope you don't mind me posting this!

Macclesfield Astronomical Society have a New Year lecture every year by Alan Chapman. It is held at Hulleys sports club, AstraZenica, Macclesfield.

Title: ‘Johannas Hevelius, the first big telescope astronomer

Saturday 5th January, 20.00hrs. Parking available.

Tickets £7.50 from www.maccastro.com


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Thanks for posting Angela - sounds like it could be a good evening.

I won't be able to make it though, first week of studies after the Xmas break. :(

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I like the man, a very good clear speaker, with obvious passion for the subject.

I'll ask the handbrake if we can go, as I would be interested in this.

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Just realised this lecture will be happening now.

Hevelius used a 45 metre focal length refractor!!!

I heard philjay was planning a similar project :)

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