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I don't know anything about ccd imaging and nothing about this camera - but I do know it's very cheap compared to current new prices so it's either very old, very used, or somethings wrong with it. You might even find it's incompatable with modern software you're using, or the operating system s/w

Alternatively it might be quite good and work fine - but the thing with astro cameras is you need to be sure. I wouldn't buy it without a full demonstration noting all software and o/s used. And I try to work out the sellers motivation for selling it so cheap. First thing I'd do is call Bern at Modern Astronomy and have a chat with him about it (and ccd's in general). Better still I'd save and buy new with a good warranty and support. Hth :)

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I have seen these go for £200, Parallel output so very slow.

They are different beasts to the newer versions.

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Did not see it but if was SXV H9 is usb 2 (the one I use)

Andy i think you are thinking of the 916's

You are correct.

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