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Since the original EMS forum was launched on SGL, by Doc and Cosmic Dave, a huge number of changes have happened.

Firstly, ten local Astronomers got together, and thought it would be a good idea to get together to observe and share idea's. EMS on Stargazers Lounge came into being. A dark site at Sawley was found and paid for, and EMS had it's first dark site.

As the membership grew, the need to be able to control the site ourselves became evident, as did the need for another dark site.

A year ago today the EMS you all know and love was launched.

​Since then things have gone from strength to strength, the membership has grown, Belper was obtained, and we held our own star party, which was a resounding success.

Now we have access to Wymeswold Cricket Club and it's facilities, adding yet another darksite accessible to the Leicestershire members.

Sadly, Sawley has now been relinquished, but it served us well to begin with. I don't miss the smell of the brook one bit.

Above all the one thing that makes this all work so well is simple.

It's you, the members of this forum.

So a big thank you to everyone, for your good humour, willingness to help others, and contributions to this amazing place.

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Happy Birthday EMS !! Many thanks to all the mods, webmaster and everybody concerned with the day to day running of the forum, a BIG THANK YOU :D :D

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LOL Martyn I posted my one the same time as you, I've locked mine so all messages can be posted here.

But I would like to say thankyou to Craig for all his expertise in making this wonderful forum. A big thankyou for my fellow moderators and admin for all their dedication.

And lastly a huge thankyou to all our members who have made this forum the best astronomy forum and bunch of friends there has ever been.

Thankyou to everyone.

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Happy birthday to us!

Thanks to all the mods and admins for the great work they do.

Here's to many more years together.

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Couldn't have put it better than Mick and Martyn myself - A Big Happy Birthday to EMS and all the members and friends who make it the very special place it is. :)

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Guest Tweedledum

Congrats and thanks to all for making EMS a really special place, not only in cyberspace but as a group of like minded folk and friends.

CHEERS to Us all.

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Without EMS I doubt that my interest in Astronomy would have been re-kindled - at least not to the extent that it has. Thanks everyone! :)

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Many thanks to everyone, Mods, Admin and users, this forum and the people on it have made Astronomy even more enjoyable.

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Happy Birthday EMS. What a great bunch of people! Here's to an even better year next year. Onwards and upwards :)

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Guest Tinkerbell

Congratulations EMS on reaching its First Birthday! Yay!

And what a fab first year! - only made possible by all the hard work done by the mods, admin & webmeister -mega thanks - and the contributions & participation of all members: the most brill bunch of people & fabbest friends!

looking forward to going to Greenwich in january; & still can't wait til september for EMS-the sequel!

So cheers and bottoms up for a Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns.....!

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