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Attaching a Hyperion Clickstop Zoom to digital camera


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Hi everyone, was wondering if anybody ha tried to attach their Hyperion zoom to a digital camera?

I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8 and was thinking I would try and attach the Hyperion Clickstop zoom to it for general use and maybe/maybe not trying to use the video function for planets (like mr T).

Does anybody know the specific adaptors needed? I have done a quick google and found out that I may need a DT-ring SP54/M55?? That's about it at present.

Any help/advice greatly appreciated.

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Guest Kheldar

Am I right in thinking your camera is fixed lens?

Never seen a direction connection done that way, though doesn't mean it can't be if there's a relevant adaptor from Hyperion thread to camera filter thread.

@Eddy : Different setup, T2 isn't going to work here if the first question is a yes.

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If it's a fixed lens you need a adapter that connects to the tripod screw, such as a digiscoping adapter, you then get the correct T adapter to go between the digiscope adapter and the eyepiece.

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Thanks eddy :)

yeah it is a fixed lens camera Stephen. I jut wondered if there was a way of attaching the Hyperion zoom for general use as a daytime camera too.

Digiscoping approach is probably best for trying or planetary. I just liked what Mr T did and thought it may be fun to try.

Eddy do you have links for the parts you are talking about the adaptor and t ring?

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Bring it tonight Felix - I have a range of adaptors and one of them will deffo fit - probably the "Universal Camera Adaptor" which fits anything that goes on a tripod. :)

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Thanks Kim will have to take yet another raincheck as have been "informed" by the missus that we are going out tonight. I never knew we were that popular and suddenly we have people asking us out to dinner or to their house.I have never heard of this "side effect" of being married! I hope it dies down I would like to do what I want to do!

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