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That ain't going to last long feeding them at the same time, two heads, one esophagus, this could lead to compaction and a slow death.

These were common twenty odd years ago, mostly corn snakes which were the the easiest to captive breed.

I had twenty two snakes, and fourteen lizards. Ranging from a small South African Brown house snake up to a ten foot five stone Burmese Python, called Penfold.

My Fav Lizard was a five foot female Iguana, she was very friendly, and had a catlike personality. Her viv was twelve foot long six foot high, and five foot wide, with controlled heating, humidity and true daylight lighting. I used Willow and Apple for branches, as they are not toxic, and these actually grew, throwing up branch's.,

Although vegetarian, I fed her once a week on cat food, this helped get calcium and other vitamins into her without a fight, the claws were formidable.

If we get a bigger house, I would have one again in a heartbeat.

I also had two Chilean Bullfrogs, these were the size of a bag of sugar, and just mean. One got hold of our cat, who liked drinking the pond water which was triple filtered, until it got hold of her back leg and tried to pull her in.

I also had Tarantulas, and Emperor scorpions. I didn't pay for most of these as people gave them to me after they realized they couldn't keep them.

We had a superb pet shop in Beeston, the owner Steve was also a reptile fan, and he had an amazing breeding set up.

I also knew the late Luke Yeomans, I met him when he had a pet shop on Ashbourne rd at Derby. He bred White Cobra's, and Gaboon vipers, along with Pythons. One of the big females got hold of him by the face when he went to clean her out, bad move she had a clutch of eggs, and wasn't letting anyone near.


Blimey that pressed a button.

I still have some 35mm pics of some of my stuff. Needless to say, my two boy's were never short of something to do.

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Blimey Martyn, you've had everything!


I've always wanted to keep snakes but the cost and time implications meant I never have.

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I have a book, the Atlas of Reptiles, it cost me an arm and a leg, but is worth nearly £300 S/Hand.

I might have to flog it for a stunning eyepiece.

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