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Lift Required To Wymeswold Tonight - Loughborough area please

Guest Astroplodder

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Guest Astroplodder

GM all


VERY short notice but is anyone who's going to the meeting at Wymeswold tonight travelling by car from the Loughborough area and could offer me a lift there and back please?


I've posted further details in the specific meeting link elesewhere but, essentially, I don't have the car tonight (Sue has it) and travel to Wymeswold is too far or difficult via publec transport etc.


I live in the Loughborough area (near to Morrisons supermarket on Maxwell Drive) but could travel into Loughborough town centre via my bus pass if that helps?


I'm very happy to contribute to fuel costs or buy you a beer, etc - I'm not really trying to freeload here :)


If you CAN help, please DM me or contact via my email:


[email protected]


Thank you. If I can't attend, I wish those of you who can a great evening!





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I would under normal circumstances, but I'm leaving early tonight and going via elsewhere en route. I also often end up leaving late afterwards which doesn't often suit many others 4am is quite normal for me lol

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Guest Astroplodder

Thank you very much for offers of a lift. Much obliged :D

All being well, I'll be accompanying Celeste (Nicky). Just got back from walking the dog - Moon visible & Jupiter risen. Rest of the sky clouded out of course.... :( lol

Later & thanx


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