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WO Megrez 72 DDG

Rock Doctor

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Would look very nice on your new mount and give some great wide field opportunities - go on - get the wifes credit card out lol :)

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If you look on your focuser tube Eddy you'll find it has a graduated scale. The DDG just gives you a digital readout of that so you don't have to put a red light on the scale to read it in the dark. The DDG is a great idea for specific settings e.g. when setting the focus distance for a camera when imaging - or different eyepieces - you can get pretty precise with it.


However - I used one once and the device itself was a poorly engineered piece of electronic tat imho. The on/of switch broke and wouldn't work so I had to unscrew the cover and remove/replace the battery every time I wanted to turn it on/off. And the screw top is tiny. They cut a considerable hole in the scope to fit it the device. I was quite disappointed considering WO usually make such good quality scopes - I woudn't touch these with a bargepole but others have got on with them and may disagree.  :)

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