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A new challenge for Phil


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It's with great delight that I welcome Phil to his new role as a moderator for EMS.


As we all know Phil is very experienced in all aspects of astronomy, especially refractors. He is extremely well liked member of the forum and will be a great asset to the team.


He is also taking on the duties of PoTM from Noel.


So please can we welcome Phil and wish him every success with the challenges ahead.



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A warm welcome to the team Phil.


I don't envy you doing the PoTM, seeing the standard that has already been achieved by our mottley crew of dark sider's.


That said, I wish you well, and look forward to the coming entries.


Welcome mate.

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Welcome to the team Phil - and very brave of you taking on POtM - but we all know your great knowledge of imaging and your keen eye for detail will be ideally matched to the role. Loads of luck with it and good to have you on the mods team :)

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Well done phil, its like falling off a log no problem. I think you will enjoy the role as a mod. :)

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Congratulations, good to know we are in exerienced hands. As for judging POTM, an unenviable task.

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Just a quick thanks to Noel for past work and now to Phil for picking up the mantle.

PoTM is a marvellous arena for new imagers/sketchers as it inspires confidence and a keenness to improve.


APT is superb software, too, so winning a copy is an added bonus.


Good luck Phil and thanks to all who will be sharing their images in the future.


Kind regards.

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