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The joys of vinyl albums


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No its not a ref to a minority interest site :D Im sitting here transferring some of my old vinyl albums (for the younger mebers these are those large black discs with holes in the middle which your garndad used to listen to music on) to mp3 with my chrissie pressy and the memories are flooding back. Not just the music but the scratches, jumps and the pleasure of sitting through the complete album whilst recording, (no ripping in them days)


Just transferred 3 Led Zepp Albums and 2 Budgie albums so far, will go on to The Nice next I reckon then Strawbs


Rock on :rockon:

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You get an atmosphere with vinyl you don't get with electronically stored music. Everything that happened at the time it was recorded is there, and not clipped off to save file space.

Have you seen the price of new vinyl nowdays!


Cannot beat vinyl. +1

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I started to transfer my vinyl to mp3 and rediscovered the joy of playing them far more than a CD or mp3. Just play the vinyl now

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Ive had to weigh the stylus down with a bit of blue tack for one album a well played Nice - Five Bridges Suite, fantastic stuff


Eeee in my day we used to weigh tut needle wit pennies :D and needles werent fancy stylus they were like 6 inch nails, those were the days......

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