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Power supply in the field


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Hey guys now that I have a mount that will require power I need some advice.

If I want to power the mount, dew control (finder,eyepiece and secondary) and maybe a small laptop/netbook what would I need to do?

Would a Baz battery in a box of some kind with female cigar lighter sockets and appropriate fuse protection be enough to power all three for the night or am I asking too much of a Baz battery?

What do others use?

Any help/advice appreciated. Thanks

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only a larger battery 70ah or above i would suggest.  I use 110ah as even 70 was running low after a few hours.  My mount plays up if the voltage drops

below 12v  (NEQ6).  i have run with the new battery with mount, dew heaters, small laptop and hub for 4 hours so far and no problems. I think Stephen maybe has run longer than this

with the same se up.  Particularly when its cold the battery is drained quicker.  Hence the over amphour to make sure


Be careful with the cigar connecters as some of them are a bit dodgy sometimes and break connection



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Guest Kheldar

I suspect a small Baz battery will probably be OK for Felix if he's not imaging, the laptop will be the killer though and demand a bigger battery like us  :)

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More than you need. It's buried at the moment under the stairs (you've seen my house lol). It's either 80ah or 110ah - either way you'll be covered :)

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Guest Tweedledum

H i Felix,


If you get an efficient netbook and reduce power dim the screen from the power management settings on the netbook you will get around 3-4hrs out of the battery, perhaps a little more if you throttle the CPU speed.


I have a large 'Baz Battery' not being used at the moment if you would like it.



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Ive got a 9hr battery on my netbook, and my mount and dew heaters are always run from a 17.5 ah battery. If im imaging with ccd i run the camera from a separate 17.5 ah battery (small Baz battery)

Watch the sw mounts though, the power leads on some are wet string and create volt drops. Folks then panic going for massive power tanks when its down to carp leads and connectors. I swapped mine on my heq5 for 1.5 mm cs wire and replaced the power socket with a real one.

Later mounts as i say have better power cables

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Hi Damian, thanks for the offer however Kim has offered me his :)

I am looking into a netbook now as they have better battery life than my old laptop.

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