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Looking for a chart


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Way back in 2001, I bought a really useful chart from Astrofest. The chart was about A3 size, spanned the full year along one axis and 24 hours on the other. It plotted night time and astronomical twilight times throughout the year, and incorporated the rise and set times and phases of the moon, in an easy to use graphical format.


This chart was a very useful tool for long term planning. It made it very easy to see at a glance the best times of the year for planning lunar observing and those most suited to seeking out faint fuzzies.


I have just spent some time googling for a similar chart to purchase, print out or just display, but have come up with nothing anywhere near as comprehensive or useful as the one I had back then. Maybe I am just typing in the wrong search parameters, although I have tried numerous variations.


Perhaps someone knows where I might find such a chart.

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Guest Tweedledum

Thanks for the links Damian.

The info is all there, in separate charts or tables.

The one I had previously was a really smart looking, glossy, full colour chart, with all the info there at a glance. It was very pretty to look at and was the sort of thing that would look really good pinned on a wall, especially in an obsy.

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That's the one, thanks Martyn.

I can thoroughly recommend it.

Loads of info and it looks really good.


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Got this on order from the US. Tried to get it in the UK but couldn't find it anywhere. Works out a little pricey since the postage is far more than the chart. Converts to GBP at about £13 total. Anyway, it should last all year :)

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