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Lew's dob first light


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You may be aware I got Lewis a 200p dob for xmas....well he opened it and was so excited! My brother helped Lewis set up his dob, and he had a play with it in the living room. There was a small break in the clouds last night so I put it out the front door, lined it up on Jupiter and put the Televue zoom in.....called Lewis out and he was all over it like a rash lol bless him! He had a good play with it....but went back in as he got cold...so I found M42...and his interest came flooding back. I was amazed at the difference between the 150 and the 200.....WOW.....so much more detail! Lew also got a sky pocket atlas for xmas...and he's been reading it from cover to cover lol he will be in his element when it's a good clear night. It does need collimating better, it is just about usable as is but ill deffo benefit from a good collimating (my laser is out :( ) not much of a write up, we didn't have much time to view due to clouds....but he loves it! a huge thumbs up for the dob :D

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Fantastic, it's a shame this poor weather is here. A lovely scope sat there not being able to be used. Glad he loved it though.

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I don't think you could have got him a better prezzy. He is going to love it. Send him our congrats on his new scope.

We will sort out his collimation for him next time we see you , any of us could do it for him.

When I get a chance, I'll show him what to do, Iam sure he would pick it up in a flash.


Clear Skies!

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