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Cool little App for iOS


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Hey guys jut wanted to share this app with those that don't know about it. Its called Scope Nights. Feel free to remove/merge this mods if this topic is discussed elsewhere.

Have seen some discussion of it on astronomy shed. Reviews are good on both App Store and on the shed opinion of it is high, so I forked out the cash (£1.49) and its got a nice graphical user interface. Shame the first use yields such a poor weather outlook :(

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Been using it for a month or more, quite accurate and easy to use! :D

...and you didn't tell us about it?! Shame on you Ron! :D

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Thanks Felix. The outlook is just a bit depressing at the moment. Will see how accurate it proves to be.

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Sorry Felix, I mentioned it in the Shoutbox when I first downloaded it!

Ah I see-must have missed it

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