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Record Temperature Set: Colder than Absolute Zero


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Absolute zero is often thought to be the coldest temperature possible. But now researchers show they can achieve even lower temperatures for a strange realm of "negative temperatures."


Oddly, another way to look at these negative temperatures is to consider them hotter than infinity, researchers added.


This unusual advance could lead to new engines that could technically be more than 100 percent efficient, and shed light on mysteries such as dark energy, the mysterious substance that is apparently pulling our universe apart.


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That is an interesting read. We know that weird stuff happens at extremely low temperatures. Like superconductivity. They are talking about a few billionths of a degree below absolute zero. Could it be that with all the weirdness happening down that down that cold, then absolute zero needs redefining as a tiny bit lower? Just a thought.

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The mind boggles as to how they can even measure temperatures to an accuracy of billionths of a degree.


Especially at around absolute zero.  :brr:

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