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Last chance to get M42


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Last night I decided to put the cloud cover to some use so I spent over an hour collimating my Newt to get it spot on.

Tonight I decided to take full advantage of the clear skies to get this last chance image of M 42 before it disappears below my horizon.

Because of its low position in the sky directly above Ipswich docks I was limited to 30 second subs because of light pollution.

I managed to collect 101 subs and after sorting out the bad ones, the ones with planes flying through and a couple of the Police helicopter sauntering past I ended up with 85 usable subs.

The best 95% of these were stacked.


Helios 200 Newt.

Cannon 350 D unmodded

78 - 30 second subs at ISO 800.

21 Darks


Stacked in DSS

Very very light processing in PS 6.



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Many thanks for the kind words.

I think that in the right hands doing the processing this could be a whole lot better.

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^^ Exactly that.

Uneven illumination and colour caused by light-pollution gradients.


I certainly suffer from it here.


GradientXterminator plug in for Photoshop does the same job. 



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Cheers for that Paul.

I am not surprised the docks are lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree and 42 was about 40 degrees above it all.

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