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Decent mobile rival for PolarFinder....

Mark Harper.

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                    Mobile rival for PolarFinder.


The other day while at the belper site, a few helpful souls were gathered around my mount, attempting to Polar align it, we noticed that the finder scope display was upside down and no one could agree where Polaris should appear in the target. I was advised to try Polarfinder, although this software wasn't supported by either my iphone or ipad, which left me a bit stuck. Later on this got me thinking, there must be an app in the itunes store for this purpose and luckily after a quick search there was, not only did it give me what I was looking for but  it gave me  so much more. So here it is, it's called PolarAlign 4.0 it's £1.50 and I think it's worth every penny, not just because of all the info it gives but because it saves me carrying my laptop and the huge battery needed to run it. Available on iphone and ipad.


Note above PolarAlign view mode is set to "inverted view" to appear like Polarfinder.

There are 4 modes - Inverted - Corrected - Inverted Right Angle and Corrected Right Angle.


Click on images to enlarge....

Hope this is of use. Mark Harper.

Edited by Mark Harper.
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