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Guest roblynmouth

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Guest roblynmouth

Hello everybody.

I' m Rob, and a long time interest in the stars, and life beyond in general. From Sputnik, when we all thought the Ruskies, were going to rule the world, through Neil Armstrong setting foot on the moon (I'm sure everybody does know but...) did you know that if the moon lander touchdown greater than 4% of true, then they weren't leaving, and he landed on manual. Not sure of the actual landing angle, but there went an Astronaut, with balls of brass. And now in the giddy land of retirement I can actually find the time to look towards the sky, for dem little green men.

I've got a second-hand Celestron 102 something or the other (called Hyapatha, after the Greek mathematician, who met a grisly end), with the GOTO function, man what a magnificent development in astronomy. It's got spare lenses, and a hum dinger of a tripod. Unwanted christmas pressy, no less. I also have an IPad (like you do) and the plan is to link the one with the other. I have the redshift app, as well as sky safari, so apparently I can use the IPad to move the scope from the comfort of my armchair if I want.

So lets see, do I go out on a freezing winters night, dressed like Scott of the Artic, armed with flask and no end of books, IPad and sky maps and the ubiquitous red torch. Freeze me nuts off over night whilst not finding a thing? Or do I sit in my favourite chair, whilst supping a quality red, with one eye on the box and the other on just what my telescope via the video camera, is looking at? Ummmmm freeze to death, quality wine.

Freeze to death of course, it's what us Brits do best, masochism, that is.

The past week since I got the thing has been a bit of a bummer, what with the weather and all that, but it has given me time to do seem reading and tinternet surfing. I have also found a complete dearth of telescopic shops in the area, so what do we do for our bits and pieces? I find that the recently departed Sir Pat, it a very good writer and readable.

On the little green men side, I like Si-Fi, films but not so keen on the books, apart from graphic novels. Anybody else think the walking dead is just about the best thing on tele at the moment? Apart from the sky at night of course.

Well that's it a brief history of time,

So I think I come along to the Space Centre and listen to the group meeting next week.

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Hi Robert, a warm welcome to EMS.


That scope delivers some great views of the Moon, it really brings out the surface detail. It will be good for the Planets, and brighter DSO's.

Make sure you leave it out for around an hour, this is to get it down to ambient temperature, and will give you good steady views. If you just go out and start using it, the air currents inside the tube give it a scooby doo effect.


Feel free to pop along to our meetings at our darksites. We have one in Wymeswold, and one at Belper. The first meeting is free, to see if it suits you, and then for the bargain price of £20 you get a years access to both sites.


If you have any questions, then ask away in the beginners section, and someone will be along shortly.


In the meantime enjoy the forum.

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Hi Robert and a warm welcome to EMS :)


I would just point out that Leicester Astro Society is a separate group to EMS in case there's any confusion. EMS is an internet based group of local folks who meet up primarily for using our scopes to observe and image. There is however a good overlap because several members here are also members of LAS.


Chances are we'll probably meet you at both - but do make sure to come try session with EMS - it's not to be missed :)


Enjoy the forum!

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