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How stupid is MS Windows

Rock Doctor

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Can someone please help?


my old laptop has Windows XP SP3 and I've got an icon saying that downloads are ready to install. The downloads are microsoft.NET Framework but they fail to install and each time now when I shutdown the laptop tries to install them. I have tried the Netfix tool and Framework clean up tool and have even tried to manually uninstall each version of framework and then tried to install each version manually. All this to no avail. It's now doing my head in after trying the suggestions from a google trawl of the problem.


Anyone any ideas? :wacko:


How stupid is MS for releasing critical updates that don't install and then continue to plague the system?

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Don't offend Super Geek, bad things happen to servers when that happens ....


Besides, I may not be right in this case, but the symptoms are similar :)

sorry sweetie   :girlywub:  dont hurt the server its a very sensitive little thing  :o

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sorry for not getting back to you on the night, I got distracted trying to sort the problem.


Firstly Stephen the link was almost of the same problem but not quite. The error codes thrown up are of the type 0x64C and appear to be suggesting either a corrupted registry or corrupted NET framework files. Since I've already tried uninstalling the NET framework files and manually reinstalling them I think it is more likely to be corrupted registry files. I've trawled the web and looked on the forums for this type of problem and on one of the pages it seemed to transfer me to several third party registry checkers under the guise of MS that check your system and then want to charge you £30.


Another thread seemed to link the problem to Mozzilla Firefox or in my case absense of it since the NET framework is trying to do security updates for those who have Firefox installed as well as other browsers and it just gets confused.


Out of desperation I tried to restore to an ealier time but this didn't solve the problem so I'm toying with the idea of reformatting the HD and reinstalling XP.

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Before you reformat, it would probably be worth trying a programme called Piriform Ccleaner (assuming you haven't already). It's a free download and does a number of things, one of which is a registry check and repair. It's a reputable program, no ads, and is very highly rated. Main function is a cleaning out temp files, etc, which you should do first. Piriform make a few very good utility programmes that are worth downloading.


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I would not recommend using a third party registry checker or cleaner. Most of the time entries that they remove aren't really causing a problem, so you're more likely going to cause a problem than solve one.


CCleaner is very good at removing temporary files though and I do use it, so I recommend it for that.


I would suggest the following steps;

  1. Do a full scan of your disk for errors and set the PC to automatically fix them (it will probably prompt you to restart your PC)
  2. Uninstall any programs that you do not use (often problems can be caused by conflicting services)
  3. Click Start, then Run, then type scanreg /autorun and press enter and let it complete. (I have not used XP in a while, but I recall this being a valid command)
  4. Do a full clean using CCleaner (for the novice user, just leave the settings as the defaults)
  5. Restart
  6. Attempt your update
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