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Snowy walk and spotted a nice bird!


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Went for a walk this morning down the fields opposite our house. 

Bird spotting isn't really my thing but I do appreciate the beauty of nature, anyway I used the RSPB bird identifier and it came up with -

Curlew sandpiper - Beautiful rusty-red underside, stumpy tail and long slender beak, it flew up from the river bank, lots of flapping of wings gaining height then it stopped and glided down before the flapping started again.


Unidentified -  smaller than a Robin and was hopping on the muddy banks of the small river, lost sight when it went under the footbridge. Brown/black all over with a small stumpy beak.


Several Robins and lots of other colourful birds that didn't hang around, notably Blue finch sized birds in the trees by the river.


Anyway it was a nice walk.

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Hi Andy a bit hard to identify without a photo but Curlew Sandpipers are very hard to see this time of year and they are white underneath in the winter, they are reddish in the summer though.


I would say maybe a Knot or a Ruff was what you saw. On the extreme side it might have been a Godwit.


The small Robin like bird was most likely a Dunnock especially if it was on the floor below the hedges and trees.


The blue finch like bird has got me stumped, was it a Blue Tit.

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Got to agree with you Mick, Ruff or maybe a Dunlin? Very few Knots away from the coast this time of year. Dunnock and Blue Tit sound about right for the Passerines too.




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The sandpiper didn't have a red face or head but the underside was very bright in the current conditions.


They would hold still for photos, not like astro at all!

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