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Mars Rover Timelapse


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Super Craig Things like this ought to be available so you could get the actual feed without having to get it second-hand I know a few years ago we could (radio Hams) log direct on to a downlink from the ISS And it was great But I bet even if you could fine the freq the down link was you could not decode it Now days like everything else they are to scared of it being used for other things are they not But that is not just JPL I suppose it all has to be like this.

I was watching something the other day a Pilot was flying a drone (not sure whether a predator or what) he was in the US so the two way relay must have been via satellite As I dont think it would be land line then to local "in the field" transmission unit would it? Because it must use men on the ground for its Intel as well as the video shurly.

back on topic will the Mars unit transmissions of the video and data come to earth via one of the orbiting satellites first I also wonder what power is in the transceiver at the Mars end for it to reach this far with that amount of bandwidth and if there is any lag between the sent time and received time for video or data?

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