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Meet Babe


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Just picked up my van this am and been playing with it all afternoon. My old Mazda was traded in for this little beauty.


Meet Babe, my telescope transport and star party sleeping quaters as well as my everyday transport from now on


Once the snow is out the way I shall start to sort the interior out with , removing the bulkhead, fitting  insulation both sound and heat and then carpeting the rear.


Ive wanted a van since teenage hood and finally got one yey :D  :D


Oh and the name came from Fliss asking what I was going to call it and is it a he or she? I said no shes a Babe, sad really isnt it?  :D

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Guest Turtleboy

It's not a proper VW if it's got water in the engine. ;)

Only slightly jealous. I sold my T3 a couple of years ago and have regretted it ever since.

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Thanks folks. Im well and truly smitten. Was playing a bit more this afto and looking how Im gonna get the bulkhead out, looks easy enough.

Its a 2012 T5 Ron, a 2.0D no go faster stuff as I got that out of my system years ago when I had my Lotus, boy racer days over. Im not even tempted with alloys as they just go grotty after a year or so, at least with steel wheels you can repaint them.


Gonna order a canopy for my tent now to make van and tent into a driveaway set up.

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excellent Phil


It will I hope be furnished in wood and brass inside :D


my dad had a 71 Vee dub and I used to borrow it for observing nights , 2x 10" newts on eq mounts

I'll not tell you what happened to the side door one night,only that it was a bit breezy on the way home

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