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Posting Photos on here using iPad or iPhone

Guest Fluke

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Anyone had any joy?

I took my first astro photo last week using an iPhone and wanted to show you all.

I've transferred the pic to my iPad and ideally wanted to post on here using the Tapatalk app but it doesn't look possible as far as I can see.

So instead I logged onto the forum through Safari and tried to upload to my gallery but it comes up with an error. I noticed the option of using the basic uploader if you're having uploading issues so tried that but it said it requires flash player that the iPad doesn't support.

Basically, if I want to post photos do I have to get off my a$$ and boot up the PC (well Mac as I'm an Apple geek lol)!?


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Works for me Dan. I use taps talk app on iPhone and I jut tap the "open advanced options" bar across the top of the key board when ya typing your post and it brings up the options to choose an existing picture or take one with camera. A lot I the time though it gives error messages saying the file is too big,even though I know it's not!

Does the advanced options bar not work on your apple product (iPad/iPod/iPhone)?


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Thanks Felix, I honestly admit that I'd not even noticed 'Open Advanced Options' before you pointed it out!

Will post a photo now to test :)

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