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Big Al

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Ok, I realise that in asking this question, I'm likely to get as many answers as there may be folks responding. So here goes...

Given the following criteria, what is my best option for a scope purchase? My main interest at the moment is lunar and planetary, with a few Messiers thrown in. I've no particular desire to get into AP, just visual stuff for my own amusement. I've been window shopping for a while, and one I keep coming back to is the Skyliner flex tube dob go-to models, 200 or possibly the 250. I like the look and idea of the skyprodigy 6se, but my horizons at home are too limited for the system to work, I think. I don't have much time or storage space available to me, so a quick setup is good, as is transportability. I'm also rather tall, and I read that EQ mounts can be awkward for us vertically unchallenged folks?

I'm in no particular hurry to get anything, the binos will keep me going until then. I don't even have a budget yet, as I suspect I may have to sell one of my motorbikes to fund it. Will probably go to IAS in May to have a look around. May have an opportunity to call into Rother Valley Optics at some point as I have a new customer near there.

All thoughts and opinions are welcomed....

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Guest Tweedledum

Hi Alan,


We all have our own faves, I would suggest that you come along to a meet and have a look at what we all have.


I have had, SCT,Newt,Mak, frac or three. Currently have Frac & Mak. My favourite was my sct, great compromise but not exactly portable.


Coming along to a meet will give you an idea of size & weight and what would suit you best.



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Alan - you'd be most welcome to drop round and see a few scopes in the flesh if you like - I've got a small group of chaps coming Tues or Weds of this week - if you're interested in joining us let me know :)

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Hi, i'm only 5'10" and find tripod mounted EQ telescopes can be a pain in the back.

Having used other peoples Synscan Dobs I find they are brilliant if AP isn't your thing.

The real bonus is eyepiece position which is always good if you get an observing chair which is height adjustable.

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Thanks - that's useful and pretty much sums up what I thought as well, I just haven't had the opportunity to try any for real yet! At 5'17", I think I fall outside of the size range that designers take into consideration... :D  Notice you have the Explorer 200P on your list - that was one on my short-list (based on the S@N review), but I was worried about it for that reason. I see you are in Kettering - I was born and dragged up there as well.



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The 200p is a top scope, I have never heard a bad word about one yet.

The problem with EQ mounts is that to keep them good and stable the tripod really needs to be at its lowest setting.

The flex-tube 250p is outstanding but as with any scope it is only held back by the eyepieces used.

Remember with dobs the focal length is a good approximate of the height to the eyepiece.


I'm in Burton Latimer, moved here about 11 years ago from Scotland.

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I would get your hands on some and see what suits you. They all have their strength's and limitations. 

As mentioned, the position you observe from is also an important consideration, as if you are not comfortable it's not fun.

Iam sure you will get a good tour around our Curator of instruments collection, and this will give you a valuable insight into what you would be comfortable with.

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