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Sawley Dark Site - Close Shave


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Well - if you saw the East Midlands news on BBC1 tonight you'll know that the new High Speed Train route is being planned to tunnel under East Mids Airport and come out over the Sawley flood plain on top of a 30m high viaduct towards the power station.


That would have just about put a train going across the moon or through Andromeda galaxy in any of our astro pics lol.


As for the poor chaps at the flying club - I doubt they'll be allowed to fly their models with that thing zinging by overhead.


Whew.... what a close shave.... good job we moved eh! :)

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I think you are being optimistic Mick, I reckon I'll be in me box before that thing manages to come our way, years behind schedule and way over budget.

I heard on the news it's already gone up £2 million and they haven't finished drawing it up yet.

A waste of money in my humble opinion, we should be increasing the broadband and communication infrastructure, so people can work from home, and not having to waste time, energy and money getting to work. 

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Ahh working from home - that's allways a cause for controversy in my office lol. Would be darned useful though not having to go into Brum even just one day per week. Ho hum....

Don't do it - I spend most of my time getting up to answer the front door, answering cold calls about the PPI I haven't got and hanging out dozens of bras on the washing line  :blush:

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