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Moon 4th Jan iPhone

Guest Fluke

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First attempt at a section at the top of the moon using an iphone camera. Very tricky to get a pic at all from it. Might have to look into one of those special brackets rather than struggling to line it up by hand though :)

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My first attempts were with a Fuji F610 (2003) then Phillips to-u-cam, my first serious go was with my Nikon D40 Dslr.

Upgraded sort of to a Canon 300d which I filter modded, what an eye opener.

I sold the 300d as it was a sod to use, I now use a Canon 1000d (unmodded) and recently purchased DMK21AF04.as mono.

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Your new kit didn't mean too much to me so had a look online. Sounds the business!

From what I've been reading elsewhere I don't think my digi bridge camera (Panasonic Lumix FZ38) is going to be much use for Astrophotography. I might have to sell it on and put it towards something like yours :)

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Smashing first shot Dan :)

I've seen a lot of folks start with a phone camera many of whom go on to great things - the adaptors can be had for circa £25-£35 second hand (give or take a few bob) try Astro Boot or Astro Buy Sell - you might grab a bargain :)

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Thanks Kim. To be honest I don't know what to do photography wise yet.

On one hand I want to get stuck in straight away, but then I think back to Steve's talk on Saturday and I ask myself have I got the time and patience (and endless pit of cash ;)) to commit enough to get the best out of it?

Do I go for the click & go approach for now and get an iphone telescope adaptor?

Or try and get an adaptor for my bridge camera...?

Or sell the bridge camera and put those funds towards a canon dslr (d1000 sounds a popular choice)...?

Or go down the webcam route (btw where did Steve say there were some cheap starter webcams going?)...?

I guess in choosing the right option above I need to think about light pollution where I live which probably isn't much cop for anything other than planetary / lunar.

Also, I haven't got a laptop, just my iMac 27" that isn't that portable lol, so perhaps the webcam route isn't going to work for me right now?

Questions, questions, questions... that I know my new pals will help me answer! :)

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This is the webcam Steve was talking about:


But you would deffo need a pc or laptop. I was in a similar quandry to yourself - I don't get much time either nowadays what with commuting and weather etc - but slowly building up kit till when I do get time - probably the week before my funeral lol. Steve made a good point about time and patience.

Even with a dslr you'll still want a pc for all the post processing. Not familiar with the i-Mac but you might be able to upload pics from the camera flash card (wich can hold a fair few shots). You could explore that avenue. Pm Steve - I'm sure he could make some good suggestions - my imaging experience is severly retarded lol :)

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