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1st attempt at looking for the man in the moon

Guest Mu11ett

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Guest Mu11ett



Decided I would try to capture a pic of the "big"ol' Moon right before bed time !!! Mrs wasn't happy that's for sure but that's another story. :brr:


I armed myself with my ever faithful Nikon D3 and a Sigma 170 - 500mm lens, not the fastest piece of glass out there I know but the Moon was bright so a fast lens may not be critical.


After several (200) pics later, all of which were taken hand held, the attached is my best effort.


I would have liked to have taken 200+ and stacked them but, as yet, I have no sidereal mount .. Mark Harper if you still have the Merlin give me a shout !! :D


Anyway the pic hasn't turned out to my expectations, but I will try harder !!


Any critic always welcome 



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At least its not overexposed, a good start.

What iso and shutter speed did you use?

The merlin aint up for holding such a big lens in my opinion, plus you are limited to very short exposures as its an alt/az mount

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Nice shot Manny :)


For moon and planets you'd use a slow scope (or camera lens) rather than a fast one. There's plenty of light cos it's so near (relatively speaking of course). :)

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Guest Mu11ett

I meant to put the details up....I did experiment with various settings all the way up to 1/2000 sec @f/11


this pic was:-

f-stop - f/20

shutter speed - 1/800 sec at a stupidly high

ISO of 1000 at a

focal length of 500mm this could account of the apparent noise (although the D3 is a great performer on the noise department ) and maybe being a little over zealous in photoshop. It has been cropped as it didn't fill the view finder lol


"Manny"  :)

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