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Observing down Sawley tonight!


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There's a few interested, so I thought I might make it a bit more certain.

I'll be going down Sawley for around 18.30, I have one of the keys, so will open up.

I'll be taking the stove and kettle as my rating stipulates, so if you want a brew, bring a quid and a mug.

It looks like getting cloudy about nine, that's why Iam going down a bit earlier.

That and have a look at Venus and Neptune before they set.

Any new members who would like to come down, please feel free, you don't have to bring any kit if you don't want to, your'e more than welcome to have a squint through mine.

The address of our Sawley dark site is as follows:

Warren Lane,



NG10 3AE

If you get stuck, give me a ring on 07970 500302

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Cool...will pop down too. Could I be cheeky and ask someone to look at my scope please? Further to my spider in the focusser....the image is still odd.

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I was gonna come but alas my wedding plans (tonight is stag do discussion) at getting in the way of my hobbies!

Have a great night everyone. I had a great time observing with Kim and Di last night. Big thanks to them both for their hospitality and company. Also thanks Kim for the lend of the celestron eyepiece kit :)


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It was great to meet everyone and thankyou Melissa for making it down, it was nice to meet you.

Had a fantastic night with Ibbo hunting double stars and I think the highlight was seeing M78 which is a pretty hard object to see nebulosity in.

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Just got in, a good night despite the light from the power station.

-5 degrees when we left, Iv'e had to leave the flight cases open in the kitchen to let the ice melt and dry out.

It was nice to meet Melissa, I hope you enjoyed your visit, you will have to bring your beastie next time.

We did see part of the Milky Way where it goes through Cassiopeia and Perseus, but only just.

Never mind I can't grumble, it's the best night Iv'e had since last November.

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Good views had by all I think, Nick had some nice shots trying out his canon 550 d, got me hooked on a Canon dslr again,

Milky way was just visable

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