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ipod touch

Guest Dex55

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First things first, I am not into these gadget thingy-me bobs (or computers) but how do I download my own CD's onto this here box thing? Answers on a postcard please. I have tried but have had no success.

Thank you for any help.

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You need Itunes on your PC first.....copy your cd's to your PC.....then import your music into Itunes, plug the ipod into your PC it will auto sync with Itunes.....then you can choose which songs you want on your Ipod. HTH.

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SWMBO has done this for me (shame :unsure: ) and I have put the CD into the computer it has then copied all the songs BUT nothing else happens. I have found the 'sync' button in the edit bit though but have not pressed it or any other button thing. Why do I buy these things???

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Plug in your ipod touch into your computer and let it find it.

Itunes should now appear.

Click on music

Open up the folder where your downloaded music is and click Control + A to highlight it all and drag over into your music folder in itunes.

Once loaded click sync

Then click the eject button next to your name in itunes

Thats it.

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Guest Bryndalf

If i remember rightly you can go into iTunes and go to the file option and in the drop down there will be an add folder...navigate to the folder with your ripped music and it should upload it all.

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