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Eyes, binoculars...telescope?

Guest pbenson

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Guest pbenson

I am taking Mark Thompson's advice and starting with my eyes and binoculars before I spend good money on a decent telescope. Any advice welcome on the best place to go/what to buy once I do take the "telescope step". Thank you.  

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Guest Tweedledum

Hi Peter,


Treat yourself to a copies of 'sky & telescope pocket star atlas' and 'turn left at orion' these are great companions to binos and telescopes and will guide you round the sky. You can also download stellarium which is a free planetarium program from here :- http://www.stellarium.org/


I would come along to a meet to see what kit other folk have and then you will be able to make an informed opinion of what might suit you best for your budget and observational targets.



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Hi Peter


Welcome to EMS.....i think you can already guess who it is :)


Eyes and binos are a really good idea to start with.  We have 2 dark sites.....one in Belper and one in Wymeswold

where we meet when clouds allow, which has not been a lot recently.  First visit is complimentary and you can talk

to folks about their kit.  If you just want to do visual and not imaging there are loads of choices at reasonable

prices for telescopes.  Imaging makes large dents in your credit card.


Keep an eye on the thread EMS meets, thats were we post a meet when we can see some good weather coming. Ususally

a friday or satruday night.


Please feel free to ask any questions you like....the only daft question is the one you do not ask.



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Hi, welcome to EMS.


Like mentioned above, comming to a meet to see the scopes and talk to people is the best bet, but for a suggestion of scopes etc we first need to know a few things.


1.  How much have you got to spend?

2.  What do you want to see, Deep Space Objects (DSO) or planets or a bit of both?

3.  Does it have to be portable?

4.  Do you want to find everything by hand, searching out objects that you cant see, or do you want a GOTO scope that will find and track things for you?

5.  Do you want to do astro photography or are you happy sticking to just visual?


Answers to the above will give us a better understanding of your requirements so we can advise accordingly.


Welcome to the obsession!

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I think Peter when i spoke to him wants easily portable kit to take to Norfolk with him on weekends away.  basically visual at the moment I think.

I did not advise as was unsure for visual what frac would be best as newt or dob may be a little large???



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