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Guest Jason

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Thought I'd pop in and say hello. Havnt got any thing spectacular telescope wise. Just a old cheap one with no tripod stand and thought one night I'd give it ago with my daughter to try and see some thing for her. Anyway it was quite difficult lol with no stand but we managed to see some thing which we both was quite amazed by, don't know what it was but some sort of planet . It was around six in the evening and it was the brightest star in the sky at the time but given what we had to use we thought it was pretty good. So I'm here to learn abit more and hopefully get a upgrade for my daughter because she is quite interested now.

Hope to have a chat soon.


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Welcome Jason.

You will learn a lot at EMS.

Come and look through our scopes at a dark site and find out what would suit you and your daughter.

Ask lots of questions on the forum and you will get lots of help.

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Welcome to EMS, you've certainly come to the right place to further yours and your Daughters interest :thumbsup:


As for the brightest star in the sky around 6pm, it's likely to have been Jupiter. With binoculars you should be able to pick out it's 4 moons if they are in the right positions, that can be a pretty awesome sight and if you watch over a period of an hour or more you will notice the moons moving around.


For starters I would recommend heading over to http://www.stellarium.org and downloading the program. It's free and once you enter your location it will show you where things are in the sky as well as what things are that you can see. You will find it a lot easier with some sort of mount for your telescope. What sort of scope is it? If it's small you may get away with using a photographic type tripod for a while until you decide to upgrade.

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Hi Jason and a warm welcome to EMS :)


It sounds very much like Jupiter you saw - it is the brightest thing in the sky at that time of evening right now (apart from the moon).


If you let us know the make and model of your telescope we will be able to make plenty of suggestions for mounting it - which will make it an awful lot easier to use for you. You'd also be very welcome to join us for a session at Belper or Wymeswold next time a meeting is arranged.


Keep an eye on Info and Announcements section - meantime enjoy the forum :)

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Hi Jason, a warm welcome to EMS.


There's loads  to see with just a pair of binoculars, if your scope presents too much of a problems. Just an average pair will get you going, some 10 x 50's are reasonably priced, but don't get zoom one's. They are quite poor compared to fixed magnification bino's.


Any questions, feel free to ask away, post them in the beginners section, and they will get answered as soon as.


Enjoy the forum.

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Thanks every one for the welcome. As for the make of out telescope I don't have a clue, sorry. I will more then likely pop along to one of the meets and have a look at what types of telescopes you all use.

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