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Jupiter 13th March 2013


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Hi everyone,


Well I went to the pub with a mate to catch up as when I left the cloud was thick and I thought it was a no go tonight. I got back at just gone half nine to see clear skies so I came straight in and grabbed all my gear and setup very quickly. Did a rough polar align and then went to align and in my haste had forgotten to put the counter weights on and the mount made a horrible noise so I cancleed the alignment, took a deep breath added the weights balanced it all up and got to imaging jupiter. The results weren't great as the entire process to get all 4 avi's was within one hour so the scope wasn't cooled properly I didnt use dew gear and I havent really done any processing other than messing with the wavelets in registaz 5.1 


Equpiment was 200P, NEQ6 Pro, SPC900NC with a 2x Televue Powermate. To my eye it looked like good conditions tonight but to the camera it was like pea soup and hard to focus. Anyway results are below. Advice welcomed :)


931 frames of 1500



731 frames of 1500


476 frames of 1500


582 frames of 1500

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Thanks guys :) I'm keen to get to belper/wymeswold and see the difference a dark sky makes to planetary imaging-is it that noticeable or is it more re seeing that dictates image quality when it comes to planetary?

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