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Jupiter and GRS transit 19/03/2013


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Hi a few pics from my session tonight. I was pleased to get out for a couple of hours tonight as if the weather forecast was to be believed it said it was cloudy and I poked my head out the door and saw a lovely moon at 6pm so stopped what I was doing and took the scope out to cool and set everything up so  could get straight to it after dinner. I was keen to use the 2 inch nosepiece from modern astronomy with SPC900NC to see if it would solve my focus troubles that I experienced with the 1.25 inch nosepiece. To my delight it did :) I was able to fully insert the entirety of the 2 x Powermate barrel into the focuser drawtube and place the low profile 2 inch nosepiece adapter straight into the powermate (without the powermates 1.25 inch adapter) and that gave me enough travel to focus easily and also gave the whole setup a much more secure, solid feel as before I had to put only half the barrel of the powermate in the focuser when using the 1.25 inch nosepiece and 1.25 inch powermate eyepice adapter. Anyway enought babbling! Pics below, I might reprocess a couple of them as I have massively overdone it! I will put a full observing report up tomorrow as had a good session tonight :D



200P on NEQ6 Pro, SPC900NC (with 2 inch nosepiece and IR filter)


1016 of 1500 frames



2330 of 3000 frames



2262 of 3000 frames



2078 of 3000 frames



997 of 1500 frames



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They're fabulous pics Felix - looking forward to your re-processing - there's plenty there to get them a spot crisper. You'll be on dso's before you know it.


Saturn is coming round closer to midnight now - but it won't get as high as Jupiter. So you'll be imaging through a lot more atmosphere - can't wait to see what you do with it. You'll need a low southern horizon so I suspect I'll be seeing you on my drive a lot more lol :)


(If it's clear Fri or Sat night I'll be trying for my first views of it this year - you'd be welcome to join me)

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great images felix, i like the way you`ve managed to capture a couple of moons also, not easily done, some great detail in them, some of the best i`ve seen for a while, you must be a natural at it, i`ve never got anything as good as yours, well done.

i might pop round for a few tips ! l.o.l.

second one looks the best to me.

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Thanks for compliments everyone :)


Hey Kim, if it clears for the weekend I am up for that, forecast presently looks dire, but then it was supposed to be cloudy last night as the seeing was the best I have seen this year. Tonight is supposed to be clear (but cold) all night. If it is I am going to have a crack at some lunar pics.


Cheers Rob, I wouldn't say I am a natural at al. Like I said before all I am doing is folowing the instrcutions fro a astronomy shed video lol!


Thanks for the pointers Pat. I tried the longer captures on the advice of a planetary guy on one of the other forums, can't recall which. He was saying that he has had up to 6000 frame captures with minimal rotational error, although he also said he didn't get that much extra detail anyway. I'm just experimenting at the moment and seeing what happens.

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Light pollution des not really effect planetary stuff but for the dirty dso stuff it does :)

I wasn't referring to the imaging pat just more the whole session in general :)

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