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Next LAS meeting - Tuesday 26th March - Astronomy in Comfort

Guest Steve

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Guest Steve

Dear all

Hope you are all keeping well and warm.     Quite appropriate then that our next meeting is Tues Mar 26 when Peter Crane will speak about 'Astronomy in Comfort'.   Think we are all up for a bit of that!    7.30pm at the National Space Centre.

Hope you have managed to spot the comet.    Saw it last Tuesday evening and it was a lovely sight through 11 x 80's.    Couldn't see it naked eye though.

Now, I have a little plan!   If by any chance it should be clear tomorrow night (March 26), how about getting to the Space Centre a few minutes early with your binoculars to spot the comet?    There's a reasonable western horizon from there, but forecast is not promising - but a sure way not to see the comet, is not to bother looking!

If you want to go on the trip to Greenwich on June 8 (Sat) and haven't already done so, could you please pay £15 at the meeting?    Note that this covers the coach travel only - you will have to pay for entrance to the various attractions when you get to Greenwich.

Lastly, thanks to Derek Hughes who has sent the following link through.   Amazing stuff.

See you soon

All the best


Click here: Departing Space Station Commander Provides Tour of Orbital Laboratory - YouTube

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