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Misty camera


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After my camera lens went misty the other night at Wymeswold after about an hour and a half whilst it was doing a star trail, and after talking to Mark Harper, I found some heat packs which he suggested I clamp to the lens with  laggy band (one top and one bottom).


I found a pair of these (well two pairs) in B&M bargains:




£1.29 for two. I felt a bit embarrassed buying knickers to strap to my camera lens, but hid them at the till behind a USB mini hub (http://e-digital.co.uk/product/details/TRUST/Communication-&-Networking/14591/94482446?utm_source=googlebase&utm_medium=feedmanager&gclid=CLmajr29qbYCFcrHtAod-AoAOg which was only £3.99). However once I looked at them in the car I realise they only last 30 minutes once activated.


Luckily I found these in The Range:




A two pack (8 hours each apparently) for 59p! So I got six packs. I was tempted just to buy the box!


So, in all, a good shopping spree.


I'm interested to see now if they work for me.




P.S. "By / buying" typo corrected after reading Kim's post.

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"I felt a bit embarrassed by knickers to strap to my camera lens"


You can always get the self warming, rotating supply, re-useable ones - just take a large girl wearing 20 pairs to a session and you'll be good for all night lol. :)

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If you are using disposable ones you'd be better off getting a dew band in the long run, they aim the heat inwards whereas the pads aren't as efficient.

You can build a dew band for a couple of quid

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I was thinking of putting something on the outside of the pads too, not sure what. Could I power a dew band off something other than my power pack, which I use to power the telescope mount some distance away?


I don't do star trails often, so for the sake of 2 x 59p (plus a laggy band (free from the floor outside the house where the postie drops them) and maybe a bit of foil or something) I might just stick with that method.



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